Sunday, August 1, 2010

Got Milk?

For the most part I think Jason and I have a good system for feeding Maddy. We keep bottles in the fridge and always have 2 out at a time....feed the baby, take another bottle out of the fridge, fill another bottle up and so on......

We totally slacked today. Lazy day, I guess.

Maddy began screaming as usual...if she realizes she's famished not just hungry, her screams are quite loud. And annoying.

Due to our laziness, there were no bottles warming up on the counter. Now, we have a bottle warmer and we could have easily taken a bottle out of the fridge and warmed it in one minute no problem. I just happened to be pumping at the same time so, what the heck, she can just wait a few minutes and she can have what I'm pumping.

So- while I'm imprisoned to the chair and to this machine that I LOATHE, Jason came up to me holding a screaming baby, placed an empty bottle in front of me and said "Fill 'er up, Bartender...make it 4 ounces."

I am a dairy cow.

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  1. That's Gebhardt humor!! Can't wait to see you on Thursday. Love Mom and Dad G.



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