Saturday, February 26, 2011

Feast Your Eyes

Nothing but pics.
Saturday was beautiful and so is this chickadee.
Enjoy, lovers.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Loving my ONE baby.

When Jason and I were pregnant we used to always day dream about the kind of kid Maddy would grow up into. Based on the constant crazy activity she had going on in my belly (the kid NEVER stopped....and I mean NEVER) we developed our day dream into a spunky, into-everything, curious, rough housing tom boy of a girl. We used to joke about when she is older and we can't find her to look outside and we'd see her rolling around the dirt of a back yard we have with the dogs. She'd be the one playing ball with the neighborhood boys yet do dance classes after school. She wouldn't be a prissy girl yet would make mud pies and catch lizards and snails.

Call me psychic. This is our girl.

Our rambunctious 8 monther dressed in pink with her little flower earrings is nuts. Fearless. Not prissy AT ALL. As of today, her favorite things are:
-Shoes. Any type. They taste SO good. The dirtier the better.
-Dog toys. Especially the blackened-with-dirt green bone.
-Trash can lid.
-Any type of leaf, grass, trash she can get her hands on.
-Dirt piles in the house when Mommy sweeps the floors. Those are the funnest!
-The dog bowls. The water splashes just like bath time!!
-Chewing on the dog tails. Epecially Fenway's (because he'll let her).
-Favorite lounge place: the dog beds. Total dirt pile. She comes out covered. Sick.

I don't know HOW many times a day Jason and I wipe her hands, knees, FACE and change her bib because they are black with dirt. From the porch. The yard. The dust piles she finds. Now, I know I don't clean the floors multiple times a day but I promise that I clean them on a DAILY BASIS and try to keep up with the mopping. Our girl is just into everything.

Her favorite word lately is da-da. She loves him. She also is smart and shouts "Doh!!" everytime the dogs walk by. They have quickly gone from protective and in love with this baby to being terrified of her. They hear her shout their names and they run away as fast as they can.

Don't tell her doctor but I have sneaked her some stuff. So far, on the list of forbidden foods are:
-A baked Cheeto. Yum!
-Licks of Mommy's frozen yogurt. This is probably her favorite. She is def my child.
-Cool Whip

Hey-I figure that the kid deserves some sweetness. Bribery, right?

Basically, I wouldn't trade her OR her personality for the world. She is pretty much awesome and what would we do with a boring kid? Lame.
Our little rough housing girl is a reminder to us that dreams do come true.
(Even though we never dreamed about how much soap we'd have to use on her).


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