Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Practically Grown

This is going to be short and sweet..........Maddy rolled over today for the first time ever...From back to tummy...she is a big girl now and we hardly know what to do with her now that she can practically vote and take out loans. We were total dorks and texted everyone we knew including the realtor we used 1.5 years ago. So what? Maybe she'd like to know too.

Another "Firsts" in Maddy's book: She went to the beach this past weekend for the first time.

She hated it. It's on video to torment her when she's older and begging us to go to the beach. We'll just tell her that she hates the water (per video) and she should study instead of lay out.

Here's proof of not only her cuteness but her busy activities:

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  1. Mom! You published my fanny online!!! At least yours was only stuck in a photo album.



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