Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So Proud

Wednesday was a moment in Mommy-hood I hadn't ever thought about before: buying toys. Maddy and I went to Babies-R-Us to quickly buy more diaper pail bag refills...the kid poops more than I can even describe so our diaper pail bags hardly last if you can imagine.

Shopping at Babies-R-Us is rediculous. It's the type of place that people scoff and sneer at yet once they step inside, their "5 minute trip to pick up diaper pail refills" turns into a hour-and-a-half marathon of baby/mommy interaction, helping expecting Grandmas pick out breast pumps and pads for their daughter (yes, this really happened), and dream-like bliss of seeing babies, mommies, and preggo bellies everywhere.

How the Place Sucks You In:
For example: I refuse to change Maddy's diaper ANYWHERE except my car. There are too many germs on all the disgusting baby changing stations in bathrooms. Even though we have a changing mat, I REFUSE. I would rather get poo on my car seats than put Maddy on one of the germ infested plastic changing tables. Besides, they're practically falling off the walls.
And: I also am not a fan of feeding her in public. If possible, I will feed her in the car, or make sure I'm not out too long; i.e. feed her right before we leave the house and feed her as soon as we get home.
Babies-R-Us totally sucked me in.
Not only do they have A ROOM JUST FOR FEEDING YOUR BABY but their plastic diaper changing stations didn't look as disgusting as the rest stops on the road. I totally conformed and became "that mom" who not only changed her baby's diaper at the mecca of all baby stores, but yes..I sat on a bench in the entry of the store and gave her a bottle.
Anyways, I had decided that it was time for Maddy to experience loud and annoying musical toys. After treking up and down each and every toy aisle to find the "perfect" first toys for Maddy, we proudly left with her first:
-Glow Worm. Yet it is the 2010 version: "Glow Dragon." Super cute and its tummy lights up and Brahms music plays for 5 minutes. We now use it to trick her to go to sleep.
-Mirror. What can I say, my baby is vain and loves to look at herself.
-Mobile for her crib. I am convinced the kid can see more than we give her credit for, and she is now a fan of the sheep wearing dresses (I know..) that spin round and round and round and round.
To sum it up: I will continue to shop at the over-priced, rediculous sell out store of all time. They cater to my germ-phobias, and it's where Maddy received not only her first outfit, but her first toys.
Maybe next time I'll venture into the "Feeding Room."

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  1. I don't blame her for liking to look at herself. . .she's adorable. Now quit spoiling her, Mom. That's other people's jobs and you know who I mean. :-)



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