Saturday, July 31, 2010

Psycho Mom in the 32211...........

Today was my first "real" outing without Maddy.

Granted, I have gone to Publix 1/2 mile away to grab eggs or milk or something......maybe once......but this my first REAL outing.

It was lovely. I went and had a pedicure for the 1st time since baby and went shopping for a birthday party we have this Sunday. Nice and relaxing, right? Wrong.

I missed her like crazy.

No lie, I actually took my cell phone out WHILE GETTING MY FEET WORKED ON to look at her picture. I texted Jason to "make sure you guys are ok without me." I asked Jason if I should come home early to which he replied.."um, no...we're ok..unless you want to."

I ran into a co-worker of mine at Publix who was shopping with her daughter and grandchildren. I asked the daughter if she was a stay-at-home mom to which she replied "YES! I am so lucky!!" with a huge smile on her face. My first reaction was to punch her in the face out of jealousy. Instead, I smiled and told her "enjoy every moment!"

I then sped home and picked up my little girl (who was sleeping I might add) and promised I wouldn't leave her for so long ever again.

Then she pooped. And smiled.


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