Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Anxiety with Sweet Suprises

Tuesday night was the "big night." Time to put Maddy in her OWN room in her OWN more bassinet in Mommy & Daddy's room.

To be honest, having Maddy sleeping in our room was kind of like our use of the pacifier--for our convenience. At 2:30 in the morning it is MUCH easier to lean over, grab baby out of her cradle and start feeding her before she is screaming her head off then walking across the house to her room. She could care less about the pacifier much like she could care less where she is sleeping. As long as she is comfy and we keep her tummy stuffed (and I mean stuffed, the kid is a porker) she is happy.

We were going to transition on Sunday night--her 6th week birthday. I couldn't do it; I had a terrible sense of anxiety when it came to bedtime: "what if something happens?! What if we don't hear her?! What if she chokes? What if she gets too cold? What if someone breaks into her window and steals her and we don't notice?" Jason patiently suggested to keep her in our room that night but put her in her crib around 5 am...that way we could slowly transition. Yea right. That didn't happen.

Monday night was the same thing. I could not muster up enough emotional strength to put Maddy in her room. Tuesday night however, I did it..the WHOLE NIGHT and....

WHAT WAS I THINKING?! IT'S GREAT!! Tues night I woke up at 1:30 and FREAKED OUT. I had not heard baby, nor had I been up to feed her yet...I had forced Jason to keep a baby monitor next to his head AND mine (in case one of us didn't hear her!) so her noises were 100x magnified "like a movie theater" he said. Still, neither one of us had heard baby. We both jumped up and ran to her room. She was sleeping peacefully and bundled up so cutely. Like a psycho mom, I had to stare at her stomach for 5 mintues to "MAKE SURE she's breathing" and the rise and fall of her tummy wasn't my imagination. I ended up feeding her at this time and went back to bed. SHE SLEPT AGAIN until 5 am! I'm telling you, this is amazing for her. Four hour stretches of sleep? Wonderful. It's like she was teasing us "Geeze, all I wanted was my own room!"

Since Tues she has been in her big girl crib. Sniff. She has been sleeping better which is either
1) Bound to happen as she's getting bigger
2) Her crib might be more comfy than her bassinet or
3) She's being gracious to us because she doesn't want us to have to walk across the house so many times during the night.

I think it's option # 3 because she is such a kind, generous person. Besides, she loves her mommy and daddy and wants us to be as happy as we can be =) (yea right).

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  1. I think it's

    4) She's 11 lbs. :-) That's what the magazine said! Cool! or

    5) Mommy and Daddy snore! :-)



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