Sunday, May 22, 2011

when I count my blessings, I count you a Trillion Times....

Last night I spent the night away from my family.
Now, this is something I've done before. Many times.........I worked nights for the first three years of my marriage and until Maddy was ten months. But that was work. And I HAD to do it. Job stuff, ya know? Not fun stuff.

However, last night was voluntary. And out of town. And for FUN. Gasp.

My dear friend of a million years is getting married on Friday and I can't make the wedding. But I could make a night of friendship and fun in St. Augustine for her bachelorette weekend on the beach. So I went. Sans family.

I had fun with the girls. And don't worry, we didn't get too crazy. We're mostly all OLD people now who by 10 pm and three drinks were all ready for bed. But we collectively decided as a group to "hang till at least midnight." Ha. It's important for me to still define myself as something other than "wife and mother." It was a push and struggle for me to go but I am SO very glad I did. And to celebrate sweet Erin who is marrying her love of six years.

This time away from my sweet family made me realize even more: I am so in love with my beautiful life. And I welcome all struggles for they make the sweet things so much sweeter.

Our beautiful baby is turning one in a few weeks. ONE.

While I welcome this wonderous milestone, I am also very suprised by my emotions toward it. I am more EEYORE than EXCITED right now. Little Madelyn is growing up. And getting big. And won't be a BABY any more. AND IT WENT BY SO FAST. One year ago, I would rock in the rocking chair counting the baby kicks and would imagine what she would look like. When would she be born? Would she have hair? How much would she weigh? Would she be cute? And smart?

But, with this big-girl-age, let me just say:
-Maddy is beautiful.
-Maddy is so smart.
-Maddy is so brave.
-Maddy is determined.
-Maddy is easily frustrated.
-Maddy is busy.
-Maddy is lovable.
-Maddy loves to hug.
-Maddy loves to eat.
-Maddy has a sweet tooth.
-Maddy has never had juice.
-Maddy loves water, and can drink from a straw.
-Maddy hates swimming in cold water.
-Maddy loves her wading pool.
-Maddy loves the dogs, and loves to call them "dog!!"
-Maddy can say "duck" and "qwack qwack." (Though it sounds like "rahhh! Rahh!"
-Maddy loves to say "littlelittlelittlelittle" copying what Mommy calls her.
-Maddy CAN walk....but won't. Only a few steps a few times. Scardy cat.
-Maddy hugs on her teddy bear before she falls asleep.

She is amazing and I welcome every day with her. And thank God a million times a day for this life he has given me, and the blessings he has put in it. I have an amazing husband and haven't met a better man than him. Ever. And this little girl God is allowing me to raise.........she ROCKS. =)


  1. Very Sweet! We are all very blessed!

  2. BTW you have updated since I got married!



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