Friday, January 21, 2011

Bottles, Babies and Bumpers...

Crib bumpers are bad.
Doctors advise against them, the APA puts out literature linking them to SIDS. Mommy groups across the U.S. scream and picket (well, maybe not picket) against them.
Confession: I use them.

Now, let me explain.......and try to look past the vain and shallow argument:
The bedding we got for Maddy is DANG cute and the bumpers are probably the cutest part.
It was always my intention to keep them on UNTIL she learned to roll over--and then I would swiftly and promptly remove them. Besides,I keep going back to my mother's theory: "all you kids had crib bumpers and were fine." Well, due to the intense "swaddle of Jason" that practically took a crow bar to remove her from, that little sucker wasn't rolling anywhere. Thus, the cute bumpers remained.
Once she learned to bust through the swaddle it was time for the sleep sack--which also inhibited her roll sessions. And again, the bumpers stayed.
However, due to her "big girl" status, she is crawling/scooting from one end of the crib to another....and having too close for comfort collisions with her face and the bumper.
The other night I checked on her before I went to bed and was horrified to see her face SMASHED COMPLETELY UP againt the bumper. She was fast asleep.
Freaking out like most 2010 mommies would, I went to Jason who calmly said "She is fine. She will be fine," (which she was and would be) but I still knew I would not sleep that night.....unless.....we removed the bumpers.
Which we did just then.
Which we woke her up while removing them.
Which she FREAKED OUT. Hard core. FREAKED OUT.

This poor child found herself suddenly in a different crib which she could see out of, and no comfy cushy sides. Now, for those of you who know Miss Maddy, you know she is a LOVER of routine. (From her Daddy). SHE FRRRRREEEEEEAAKKKKKKEEDDDDDD OUT.

Multiple times that night we were up to the sound of hysterical screaming to which we had to spend considerable amount of time soothing her and trying to convince her that "it's your same crib, Maddy!" She didn't care. That chick wanted her bumpers back more than I did (let's face it, the crib is def not as cute without them).

Around 3 or so in the morning after she continued to wake up and wake up and wake up SCCCRRRREEEAAAMMMING we began to consider replacing them. Just for the night. Just so we could all get some sleep. But the mommy in me said "stay strong. Don't put them back."

After yet another freak out session, Jason went in to help her and found her on her knees repeatedly head banging her head into the crib railing.

The bumpers went back on.
And that girl slept.
And secretly I am happy.

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  1. That was hilarious! Just goes to show you Maddy's got style.



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