Monday, January 10, 2011

Blogging ain't for sissies....

So sue me. It's been over a month since I've posted but quite frankly, I've been avoiding this post. Yes, this is the post that should have been MOST on-schedule. The "our baby's first Christmas" post. Sometimes (though I don't like to admit it) I will avoid things. Do I avoid confrontation? NEVER. It's one of my favorite pasttimes. Do I avoid chocolate? Are you JOKING? Do I avoid meals? You must be crazy. But, do I avoid blogging about the psycho woman Tammy who almost destroyed our first Christmas and who ROBBED US ON CHRISTAMS EVE?

Only for a month. Then I can't avoid anymore.

So, here goes. Only going to blog about it once. Honestly, I'm tired of telling the story. To the police (500 times). To co-workers. To friends (who I love for your support). To my blog. So here it is. The Gebhardt's First Christmas as Mommy & Daddy:

It was 10:15 Christmas Eve. My parents were about 45 min away from arriving at our house. We were PARENTS this Christmas and, because Santa Clause would be visiting Maddy this year, we were hosting our 1st Christmas. Ever. Even using the wedding china for the 1st time. I had just finished feeding baby Maddy some bananas and cereal (because she is a big girl, and that's what big girls eat) and Jason was running back in forth from the garage to the back off the back porch, washing the dogs, doing that "man stuff."
So anyways--I went into the nursery to change Maddy's clothes and diaper. 5 minutes total. I heard my cell phone ring in the kitchen and assumming it was my parents, hurried up with Maddy and went out to the kitchen. On my way to the kitchen I noticed a black car in our driveway. Thinking it was one of our neighbors, I went on to my phone where there was a missed call from Jason. Who was in the back yard. So, I went (like most wives would do) with Maddy on my hip and yelled out the back door "what do you want, and why did you call me?" He looked up confused and said "I didn't call you; I don't even have my phone." Then I said "Well, whatever. Can you please see who is at the front door? I am still in my pajamas and I still have to get dressed before my parents get here."

So he came inside.
And then we noticed the door leading from the garage to the laundry room was open. The door leading from the laundry room to the kitchen was open. His truck was not in the driveway. His wallet was gone. His cell phone was gone. BOTH sets (yes, BOTH) of our keys were gone.

Let me just say: The craziest things ALWAYS happen to me. If it's going to be crazy, it's going to happen to Steph. Embarrassing things. Weird things. And this is no exception. So, hold on to your butts.......and try to keep up....

There was a pile of clothes on our kitchen floor. That was not ours. Like, in the movies when the body disappears but the clothes remain in a heap..YEP. A pile of woman's clothing. Including boots. And a belt. ON OUR FLOOR.

There was a purse on the table. With money in it. Even lots of cash. And a license. That belonged to a woman named "Tammy." Who wasn't all that bad looking.

Long Long long story short...........after freaking out, yelling obscenities to my mother "were were just FU**ING ROBBED!!!!!!!!!!!" on the phone, dropping Maddy off of my bed onto the hard wood floor while trying to get dressed before the cops showed up, having our locks changed before CSI took finger prints (whoops)...they caught the psycho bitch.

Apparently, Jason's truck was on empty (woo hoo!). She ran out of gas and tried to use his credit cards at a gas station. Because we had already froze them, (and our insurance card didn't work which she tried to use as well) she jumped into someone's car. While they were in it. Because, that's what crazy people do.

Was she naked, you ask? Since she left her clothes in a heap on our kitchen floor?
No, silly! She STOLE JASON'S SHIRT AND MY NURSE SHOES AND THAT'S WHAT SHE WAS WEARING WHEN THEY ARRESTED HER. freak of nature., basically, a naked psycho woman was in our house naked putting on my husband's clothing. DISGUSTING.

anways, the people whose car she jumped in called the police. they found Tammy running around the gas station wearing Jason's shirt (ha) and she handed them Jason's license when they asked for hers. So, b/c she doesn't look like a 36 year old man they arrested her. Then realized his truck was stolen. So, after only about 3 hours we got a call that they had found her and Jason went to go get our truck.


-Maddy's carrier seat. From our living room.
-A baby hat.
-Baby gloves.
-My nurse bag (stethoscope, syringes, etc).
-Jason's shirt
-My nurse shoes
-A box of Cheeze-its.
-A 2 liter of Diet coke.
-A bag of almonds.
-Jason's Ski Jacket
-A woman's winter vest
-An afghan that she dropped in the kitchen on her way out the door.

She threw all his CD's out of his window and also his cell phone. Which was brand new. Not even a week old. We never got those back.

Anyways--she is arrested on a million felonies and we've already taked to the prosecuting attorney. She is probably crazy and more than likely she will walk on "I'm crazy, don't throw me in jail" charges and just have to do stupid counseling or something. She was strung out on drugs, but probably won't get in trouble for it.

I guess I'm still angry about it. That she took baby stuff. Had she just stripped naked in our house and grabbed a bunch of food and crap like she did, I probably would be laughing by now. But take a bunch of Maddy's stuff and i will wig. Which is pretty much what I did.

Needless to say.........we are SO SO SO lucky. No one was hurt. no one had to see the naked lady. She didn't steal maddy. She didn't hurt his truck. She is in jail (and SUPER scary looking, btw). We were able to still have Christmas at our house. Even all my Christmas presents that were in Jason's truck...I even got to open those Christmas morning!!

so, that's it. tammy. weirdo naked drug addict.

On a happier note, Maddy is almost crawling. She screams like a pterodactyl when she can't figure out how to. It's quite piercing of a scream. I just wish she'd figure out how to get that leg underneath her so my ear drums will quit ringing.

Her Aunt "Sissy" came to visit with a few other nun friends. Maddy was obsessed. espesh with their rosaries.

She has 2 teeth on the bottom poking out. sniff. SO PROUD of my boo. Working on eating 3 big girl meals (aka cereal & jar food) per day.

She has a rat tail. And it's awesome.

She is obsessed with Jason. When she hears him on speaker phone she all but pukes from being so happy. And when he comes home from work? She freaks out. Almost starts crying she is so happy to see him. He is her hero =)

Her favorite toys are the rings you put on the wooden stand and a "Frosty the Snowman" that sings and dances. She screams SO FREAKING LOUD everytime that thing goes off. She loves it.

So. We are getting an alarm system.
Don't be afraid to come visit.
And stay off the cocaine, people.


  1. Whoah, that picture of Tammy is really scary after all the adorable pictures of baby chunk. Maybe you should take it down.

  2. LOL! TAMMY!!!! Dude, I was feeling super nervous when I began reading this and I was like dying laughing by the end of it. I wasn't laughing because this happened to you (TERRIBLE), but because Tammy, you dumb as hell! I mean, she's got to be the worst robber of all time. HAHAHA, well told story. I'll probably read it again. I can't believe she left her purse and license there. Is she kidding me?? I'm so glad you're okay! xoxo



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