Monday, October 4, 2010

A Dual Purpose Blog: Shout out and Bragging.

Most importantly, I would like to propose a shout out to Sarah O. F. Peters. Without her, my parenting style would most definately be crap. And what little sanity I have left would be gone. And Maddy most DEFINATELY would not have gotten her "liquid gold nourishment" for as long as she has been. Sarie, you've made it to my blog. Middle and maiden initials and all. Can't wait for our little girls to be BFFAEAEAEAE's. just like their mamma's =).


Maddy totally goes down in her crib on her own and puts herself to sleep. It took 1 day. Sure, it's not 100% effective yet. Sometimes it takes a couple of "putting paci back in her mouth" tries, but it works. I am obsessed. Greatest idea EVER. Why the H did I spend 30 minutes EVERY NAP TIME rocking that fighter to sleep?!!

That's pretty much my update. We're going on 2 weeks of this and it's been bliss.

Sarie: The blanket Gray gave maddy? Totally her "teddy bear" when falling asleep. She's like Linus w/ that blanket.


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