Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Baby is All Grown Up

I consider myself pretty lucky in regards to the hormonal roller coasters that are supposed to accompany the post-partum period. Except for a few teary moments when I witness the cuteness of Maddy and the crying fits we'd both have while trying to breast feed, I don't think I've necessarily experienced "the baby blues."

So this past Sunday on her 2 week birthday her belly button stump fell off and I cried.

It was her first milestone; an event Jason and I had been waiting for "I wonder when her belly button will fall off..." I suddenly felt very old and Maddy suddenly looked very grown and very large and as she laid there kicking her legs and "swimming" with her arms and I stood there holding the stump, yelling for Jason to "come look at this!!" and crying.

Whatever. Call me a crazy hormonal mother if you will. I was (and still am!) proud and sad that our baby passed her first life test. The result: a perfect "innie."

On a lighter note, Madelyn had her first road trip this past weekend to witness the McNixon wedding. Talk about STRESSFUL. Maddy could care less; she was the perfect baby who just slept, ate and pooped as people ooohed and ahhed over her. Me on the other hand, actually needed 1.5 glasses of wine to get through the reception and had to leave town when the reception was over. I couldn't take another moment of looking down at Maddy to see a complete STRANGER kissing her face and asking to HOLD HER. Yes, both of these things happened. It really opened my eyes; from now on, I guess it's socially acceptable to walk up to a complete stranger and kiss their baby ON THE FACE. Right? WRONG. Back off, people. Regardless of the mayhem that accompanies a new (and adorable!) baby, the wedding was gorgeous and I was very happy to spend time with old friends I hadn't seen in a long, long time.

As for now, baby is actually sleeping (thank you, thunder storm). I am going to change my 3 day old shirt and go stare at the belly button stump we saved in a jar =)
*kidding, though Jason did suggest it**

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